Apply as a Candidate

1) Name
2) Date of Birth
3) Nationality
4) Gender
5) Current GPA if already enrolled in College- Please attach copy of transcript. If in High School also please list current GPA and attach copy of transcript
6) Ibt TOEFL Score- Attach copy of score (If English is 2nd Language)
7) Sport
8) High School Graduation Date
9) College (if already enrolled please answer questions 9-15)
10) Year in College
11) Major
12) Are you a full time student-athlete?
13) Are you receiving an academic scholarship? If yes, how much per academic year?
14) Are you receiving an athletic scholarship? If yes, how much per academic year?
15) What is the cost of attendance per academic year at the school that you are enrolled? Including tuition, books, and room and board?
16) Email Address
17) Phone Number
18) Home Address
19) Parents or Legal Guardians Names and Contact Information
20) List minimum of 3 references with contact information. 2 academic and 1 other (e.g. sports coach)
21) List what kind of community service you have been a part of. Please explain in detail
22) Please explain in a brief essay (300-500 words) why would you make a good candidate to receive consideration by the Bautista Family Education Fund